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Pushing through some serious edits this week 🤘.
Pushing through some serious edits this week 🤘.

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Joel’s Journal - Entry #135 - 3/14/2017

When it comes to putting together the newspaper, after almost three years, things move fairly seamlessly for me. In the case of these last few weeks, things have been flowing along smoother than normal due to the abundance of stories I’ve been able to churn out. This has opened up more time to get a head start on laying out my pages ahead of production day and therefore, BOOM, less of a clusterfu%# come deadline day.

It was another 16-page paper this week, fairly small by community newspaper standards, but I think we managed to jam enough good content in there to keep people satisfied. There’s my story on the little beetle costing the city big bucks (remember I bored that one out of a deep committee report last week? See what I did there?). There’s also my photo of the young pup I got to hang out with from Oshawa’s Animal Services at Starbucks earlier in the week and my latest on the Oshawa Generals. For more on that front, check out my ongoing Notebook series on the Gens push for first place happening this week….psst…there’s tons of photos. 

Let’s not talk abut that though, let’s move to the novel, because lately I’m really starting to shift back into the editing mode. It really only took one morning! The damn folder had been sitting on my desk for months, staring me in the face every time I woke up in the morning and practically flapping with laughter every time I flopped back into bed at the end of the day and didn’t open it’s mouth.

That’s DONE though!

This past weekend, with the white light of morning shining in through my parents kitchen windows, I slammed that sumbitch down on the wooden table, made a mean face and set on it like a bulldog on a bowl of beef stew.

I managed a solid set of pages before M woke up and we set about the rest of our day. My point being though, I’ve gotten the itch back, and that’s a damn good thing, as my self-imposed deadline is fast approaching at the end of this month. Following that there’s the edits on Tegan, my first novel, then there’s the Summer of Short Stories project, Horizon’s End…..okay enough, we’ll get to those.

In the meantime! I’ve got this folder that I need to work through, and I want you all right there with me. So, this Saturday, I’ll be releasing the first Chapter of What We’ve Become for you all to read, critique, shit-on, praise with glory, what have you.

Someone needs to hold this writer accountable, and it’s about time I start churning out some more fiction for you all to enjoy, or not to enjoy, whatever, I enjoyed writing it, so that’s all I care about!

Anyway, my phone just buzzed meaning M is on her way, and I’ve got a big wok of stirfry to cook up.

When you read this on Wednesday morning, remember that today is a perfect opportunity for you to do what you love, and do it well.

And thanks for reading!

Go get it.