Content RELEASE Countdown (3 Days)

Only three more days until my first chapter drops!
Only three more days until my first chapter drops!
Vlog in the works! Absolutely beat today, but I'll hopefully wrap this up in the next couple days.
Vlog in the works! Absolutely beat today, but I’ll hopefully wrap this up in the next couple days.

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Joel’s Journal - Entry #136 - 3/15/2017

By afternoon, my eyes were drooping and my body was drained. The minute I dropped onto the couch and flipped on The Office, I was asleep almost in minutes. M arrived not long after that, and after letting her in, I dropped back onto the couch and again was alseep in seconds.

When I woke up that morning it wasn’t yet 6 a.m.

I snoozed the alarm once and in an effort not to disturb M anymore, pulled myself, gathered my laptop, maunscript and headphones from the desk and moved into the kitchen. The apartment was still dark and little to no light was coming in through my windows.

When the coffee was done, I filled a mug, dropped into the chair and flipped open the manuscript.

I’ve developed a bit of a system for tackling this thing, the first step being making my way through the books entirety, correcting for spelling and grammar, while also marking any place that the two storylines cross over. Currently, the second storyline sits in a separate pile apart from the rest, waiting to get the first glaze over treatment. Following this round of edits, I’ll have the much larger task of weaving the two stories together like a braid. It’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m not worried about that right now.

When the light started to come in through my kitchen window and I’d moved onto my second cup of coffee, I checked the time and needed to get moving.

It was a fairly easy morning after that, with the production cycle resetting at the paper, I simply needed to get myself organized for the upcoming week. The major things happening over the next couple days in the city will be keeping my eyes on the Oshawa Generals and their push for first place in the OHL’s Eastern Conference (their final game of the regular season is on Sunday) following which I have a city council meeting on Monday.

So, my morning in the office consisted of sending out the feeler emails for some interviews I need as well as transcribing my interview with Dickson of the K9 unit from Monday. It was a rather long interview, but a good one, so I needed to listed to it all through very intently to pull out all the details and best quotes.

The Generals game tonight wrapped the day up for me. I was still feeling fairly drained as I made my way through the cold of downtown Oshawa to the arena. I wasn’t feeling 100 percent and made my way downstairs to the media room to grab a coffee and sit down for a bit before the game.

I flipped open my laptop and checked some emails and just tried to take my mind off of everything. It’s at these moments that I always think to myself that perhaps I’m trying to do too much and taking on too many things.

Perhaps some reprioritizing is in order? Or maybe I just need some more sleep.

Speaking of which, time to take my own advice.

Today, Thursday, make sure you do what you love and do it well!

And thanks for reading,


P.S. Only three more days until the release of Chapter 1 of “What We’ve Become”!