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Unimpressed with this cold.
Unimpressed with this cold.


Joel’s Journal - Entry #70 - 9/1/2017

It’s really kind of amazing how so much can happen without even saying a word.

It was a fairly typical day in the office today. Due to the new year, our production schedule has been cocked up and after our first edition of 2017 was printed on Saturday, we have another edition coming out this Wednesday. So that means tomorrow (Tuesday) is production, again.

Thankfully, as past Joel wrote about several times, he was absolutely CRUSHING IT at the end of 2016, and all that time invested into extra stories is paying dividends because a lot of those are being used to fill the extra space in the paper. We had some big news as well today in Oshawa Generals land with their two best players being traded away, and Oshawa had it’s first murder of 2017. So yeah, all of that should find a home in this week’s paper.

After work, M and I headed to my apartment, me coming from the office and her from the north end of town. We arrived at almost the exact same time, allowing me to pull some funny faces at her as she got out of her car and I drove past. I know, I’m hilarious, you don’t have to tell me.

After catching up on the day we had, we settled onto the couch with some pizza and salad and watched some Netflix. With the novel finished, I’m really trying to take advantage of the spare time I have, and to be honest, it’s been amazing.

Besides the fact that my body feels that any time I’m not working is a time to catch a cold, I’m enjoying these quiet nights with her.

And I go back to my opening line. We lay there, we watch some Netflix silently, we chat about plans for later in the week, later in the month, later this year, summer vacations, but for the most part we just lay there with each other. It’s those quiet times, where I’m 100 percent comfortable, and not thinking about anything else other than her beside me, that I realize how important those moments together are.

There may not be a lot said, and it may not be deep conversation, but there is something being created in those silences, and it’s something that pulls us closer.

I hope you all had an amazing Monday, I’m going to catch an early night and perhaps avoid this storm that is currently brewing in my nose and threatening to explode into a full-blown cold.

As always, make sure that tomorrow you do what you love, do it well, and thanks for reading!


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