A few days ago, I shared this memory on Facebook. It was from 2014 when I returned from Alberta, and on the way home, my parents just so happened to be camping in Alongquin Park and I stopped in to camp with them for a couple days.


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.59.59 PM


They had rented a canoe and we took it out to this island, built an inuksuk, and snapped some photos. It was all great.

That trip, that visit to the park, was like my life taking a breather.

I had just driven across our entire great country, with stops in Calgary, Regina, northern Ontario, over 3,000 kilometres. I had also just wrapped up a marathon eight months in a job that would prove to be the springboard for my career. In essence, those entire eight months had been just filled with new discoveries, challenges and triumphs.

Getting to Algonquin, getting to that island, it was like all that weight just shifted down to the right places.

I remember sitting on a log, my feet buried deep in the cold sand, staring out over the lake.  I watched the brown sediment at the edge of the water roll up against the flat packed sand, dissipating on the waves before sinking down into the beach.

Then I saw the rock, thought to build an inuksuk, and off I went. The rest is history.

In a very small way, today was like that day. Sadly, without Algonquin Park. Taking over the editor’s chair at The Oshawa Express has been amazing these past few months. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot and pushed myself to wear a few more hats (adding to the stack that’s already on top of my head).

Today though, was the first Wednesday, after an edition of the paper, when council has been in session.

It’s my main beat, and the meetings have just started up again, meaning there’s going to be a lot more issues for me to cover. The first of those meetings was last week.

Anyway, today was the rest day. The day to take a minute (read entire day) in the office to get myself organized, get all my future stories in order and let the dust settle on the last few weeks.

It felt good.

However, it’s right back at it tomorrow as there’s a trio of meetings that will require my attention.

I’ve also got a big feature story on a former prime minister to write for our upcoming edition of the magazine.

So, there’s that as well.

But it was a good day today, a much needed mental rest. For me, they’re absolutely crucial.

Allowing the crazy sediment of life to settle back down to the creek beds in my brain allows me to see things clearly again.

Thanks for reading!