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Took a surprise drive out to the point of Lake Ontario yesterday; was not disappointed.
Took a surprise drive out to the point of Lake Ontario yesterday; was not disappointed.


Today’s Vlog – Mafia Cars and Mini Adventures

Joel’s Journal - Entry #94 - 2/2/2017

The wind was so loud I could barely hear myself think, let alone speak.

I turned the camera around and started to snap some pictures of the jagged Lake Ontario coastline. A few small houses nestled almost directly overtop of the shoreline. The waves brushing against the shore splashing up and almost touching the bottoms of the decks hanging off the backs of the homes. I thought they looked like hands reaching to get a grip on the wooden edge.

The vlogging had been going pretty well for my second day, but I decided to put the camera down and just take this one in for myself.

The decisions that led me to that spot, leaning against the chainlink fence that runs around the edge of the cliff above Lake Ontario had not been pre-planned.

When I text M after work to check in and see where she was, by the time I reached my apartment I still hadn’t heard from her (which, to be honest, was only a couple minutes later). However, I could see the sun going down over through the trees behind my house and the thick blue clouds were creating quite the light show. I turned my car around behind the apartment and shot right back out onto the street.

The wind was starting to get a little too much, my ears were practically ringing and tears were running down my face. I turned around and headed to the other side of the point,which offered a view to the east, including the beach at Lakeview Park.

The other side wasn’t much better to shield me against the wind, but I took a couple more shots and then headed back to my car.

I couldn’t have been outside for more than five minutes, but I felt excited and happy.

Ever since coming back from Montreal with M, I’ve been craving that feeling of adventure. That feeling I had when walking down those cobblestone streets of Montreal last week, or stepping into Notre Dame, or the Bio Dome.

Those adventures were like entrees, and while today’s little side trip was probably nothing more than an appetizer, I’m satisfied.

I think that’s something I need to try a bit more, and while appetizers many not be as filling as a main course, they can be damn tasty.

Thanks for reading everyone! And today, make sure you do what you love and do it well!


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