A Sight for Sore Eyes

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Keeping warm in Montreal.
Keeping warm in Montreal.
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Joel’s Journal - Entry #114 - 2/22/2017

Perhaps it was the fog, perhaps it was the computer screen.

Whatever it was, when I met M for lunch today, the sight of her just lifted me off the ground.

After dodging a shower and grabbing a quick cup of coffee before running out the door this morning, I stopped on the corner to buy a newspaper. I said my usual hello the clerk behind the counter, smiled and headed back to my car.

The fog was thick, looking more like a dirty white curtain descending over the city than a wall of cloud. My car plodded through it, tires bumping as I reversed into my spot.

The morning was fairly typical. Wednesdays are the first day of a new news cycle so I was mostly researching and sending out feelers for interviews. I was the only one there, so the office was quiet.

When I left to meet M for lunch, I felt like I was just going through the paces of the day. Like someone was pulling me around with a leash rather than me actually holding the reins of my own life. The world seemed dull, the colour faded, as if the stopper had come out the bottom and the colour was leaking from the world.

M and I usually meet at this pita place in Whitby. It’s called Pita Deli and they serve pitas the size of footballs. It’s practically two meals for me and they’re delicious. We met in the parking lot and walked inside.

A buzz of conversation of those behind the counter and those waiting in line hovered around us, but we chatted about the day as the smell of chicken, garlic and other spices filled our noses.

As we waited, I glanced back over my shoulder at her. M was looking up at the menu, and as I stared at her, the whole world flipped. It was nothing dramatic, I simply blinked and everything was back. The foggy light outside was now a soft white that brought out the soft features of her face. The colours in the world seemed to come back with an audible hum and I opened my mouth to allow my ears to pop.

As if by just the sight of her had jumpstarted something my brain had been lacking all day, and the surge brought everything back.

I’ve heard the saying, “a sight for sore eyes” many times, but I’ve never actually felt it.

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