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Golden hour in the forest.
Golden hour in the forest.

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Joel’s Journal - Entry #153 - 4/1/2017

It’s the home stretch now and the countdown is on.

We have five days until M and I take off for Florida, and there’s a lot that needs to get done before that time. There’s also an awards show I need to attend.

Let’s dig into all of this a little further.

As I’ve been writing about over the last week or so, there’s quite a bit of writing that will need to flow from my fingers before I close the laptop, pack the suitcase and hop in the car with M, bound for warmer clients.

The majority of that work is articles for The Express. Only being a two-man operation, whenever my editor or myself goes on vacation, kindergarten math dictates that the other guy is left solo. So, to help alleviate the strain of putting together an entire newspaper by himself, I’m writing a load of stories that will have enough legs to last him the next couple weeks and fill some blank pages of the newspaper. I think currently I’ve got over 30 different stories on the go for the next two weeks (perhaps three).

Along with that there is packing that needs to be done, journals that need to be written, meetings to attend, Gens games to shoot, and all the while trying to eat enough and sleep enough to keep my head in the game and my feet beneath me.

*Deep breath.*

I’ve got this, let’s talk about the weekend. For one, I needed to get my haircut (need to look sharp for the upcoming OCNA awards, if you don’t know about what that is click here) and I also needed to drop some stuff off at my parents place before I left for Florida. So, M and I handled that on Saturday and also were able to squeeze in a great visit with my friends Mike and Larissa, and perhaps drink a few cold ones as the Leafs defeated the Red Wings.

With that, I don’t have much else to say for the time being, it’s late Sunday and I’m exhausted after a long day of travel and hikes with M. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow. I know this isn’t the most exciting stuff, and trust me, my brain is fried, but I’m just pushing through to keep the streak alive. I’m determined to reach at least the half-year point of daily posting!

In the meantime, be sure to keep doing what you love and doing it well.

Thanks for reading,