2015 in Photos 


Last year, I started 2015 off by turning the camera on myself as I got my brother Daniel, who knows his way around a DSLR much better than I do, to shoot some portraits for me. Everyone is familiar with the photo in my About page, but there were hundreds taken that day. I figured this would be a good photo to start of my 2015 series of photos.

The guy in this photo had a lot of stuff coming his way in the year ahead, most he expected, some he didn’t. I plan to make this beginning of the year photo shoot an ongoing thing, and will hopefully have an updated author shot coming soon.

In the meantime, what follows are a series of photos from last year.

I’m not going to spew some nonsense about what I’m looking for when I lift my camera in front of my face. I don’t think my passion for the gig goes that far just yet, but I enjoy doing it, and I enjoy capturing moments, whether they are beautiful, funny or just simply eye-catching.

Almost all of these photos have been touched up in Lightroom and Photoshop in some form, whether to bring out some gritty details or get the colours just right. However, some of them required little work, and those are my favorite kinds because, in reality, I’m not an expert with Photoshop and the less tinkering I have to do the better.

I hope you enjoy, and let me know which ones you like the best in the comments.




 January 2015 – Rail crossing over the Grand River

January 2015 – Petersburg, ON

January 2015 – Elmira, ON
20150320-20150320-_JJW8690April 2015 – MacGregor Point

20150320-20150320-_JJW8728-2April 2015 – MacGregor Point

My three brothers and I started an annual tradition in 2015. A winter camping trip. I included this shot of the four of us because this was probably one of my happiest moments in 2015. I wrote all about it here.


20150525-20150525-_JJW2238May 2015 – Quebec City


20150801-20150801-_JJW7396August 2015 – Bruce Trail

20150801-20150801-_JJW7407August 2015 – Eugenia Falls

20150802-20150802-_JJW7429August 2015 – Summer storm



20150906-20150906-_JJW8438September 2015 – Awenda Provincial Park

These three shots were taken within a few minutes of each other as I did my best to capture the changing light and colours of a summer sunset. I wrote all about it here.


20151012-_JJW9527October 2015 – Regional Forest

20151012-_JJW9539October 2015 – Regional Forest

20151012-_JJW9540October 2015 – Regional Forest

20151104 _JJW0534November 2015 – Lake Ontario

20151104 _JJW0528November 2015 – Lake Ontario

20151107-_JJW0624November 2015 – Glen Morris, ON

20151107-_JJW0632November 2015 – Glen Morris, ON

20151107-_JJW0651November 2015 – Grand River shoreline